Step 5 Both can drink from the bottle

Take the worries out of sharing the same water with your pet dog.  Please notice since the bowl is attached to the bottom of the bottle it never touches the top part where your drink from ever.  Great for small dogs and puppies.

Step 4 Pour water into the dog bowl

Fill up the your pet dog bowl and watch your dog drink, drink, and drink.  You will be shocked how much water your dog needs.

Have you been out for a walk with your dog, but had to cut it short when they were panting too much? Do you hate carrying two bottles while walking a dog?

This 2-in-1 water bottle from Flask Dog solves these problems!
 The water bottle holds 20 ounces of fluid. Simply twist off the bowl on the bottom and pour some water for your thirsty pet dog.  Small dogs, puppies, and big dogs care is so important they must be able to extend there tongue to get proper water. 

Do yourself and you best friend a favor: click “Add to Cart.” This bottle is the best thing to happen to walking a dog since the invention of the leash!

2 in 1 water bottle

How it Works

Small dogs, puppies, and big dogs

Step 2 Pet Dog Bowl

Spin off dog water bowl and simply pour the water from the sports water bottle into the bowl shown on top great for small dogs and puppies. 

Step 3 Water Bottle

Separate the Dog bowl and the bottle it only takes on second and proceed to pour the water into the dog bowl for you thirsty puppies or dog.

Step by Step how to use the bottle

You twist off the pet dog bowl attached to the bottle.  You simply pour the water from the sports water bottle into the dog bowl.