Dog days should be happy days

Hi there that is Chloe and I using a Flask Dog water bottle.  The way this all got stared was one day I was walking Chloe with my wife Chrissy.  It was one of those dog days of summer, and Chloe had her tongue out and was thirsty.  So Chrissy who was drinking from a poland spring bottle tried to drip some water into Chloe mouth. I saw a couple of dog problems with this.  As we all know the dog was still thirsty so she tried to clasp her hand together and make a bowl but Chloe was still thirsty and they had to be a better way to care for dogs thirst.  

I told Chrissy not to worry I will get a bottle that both you guys can use.  I went to the store and could not find one so I said okay I will just get one online.  To my surprise I could not find one either, so long story short Flask Dog was created.  

Now  during a walk Chloe and Chrissy get as much water as they need.  I am not only the  President of Flask Dog, I am also a client.  



2 in 1 water bottle